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Claber Shampoo

Our Price - £2.16

  • Pack of 10 shampoo sticks suits all makes of washing brushes. environmentally friendly high quality 10-piece pack ............
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Claber Wippy Car Brush

Our Price - £10.13

  • Flexible wash brush for washing everywhere with ease. Long lasting synthetic bristles. Water flow control valve incorporated in handle. non-scratch bristles water adjustment push-button lightweight and easy to use ............
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Claber Autoset Wippy Car

Our Price - £19.15

  • Carwash set with: Wippy Car brush 2 couplings 1/2 hose (1 with aquastop) - 1 connector 3/4+ reducer 1/2 - 10 shampoo sticks. - spray pistol (8966). wash brush with non-scratch bristles washing spray pistol biodegradable shampoo ............
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Claber Wippy Auto Brush

Our Price - £25.20

  • The Claber Whippy Auto Brush is ergonomic and functional in design. Ideal for numerous washing needs, the sturdy brush head features synthetic bristles, making it resistant to warm water and enabling you to achieve great cleaning results. The Claber Whippy Auto Brush comes complete with 120 ............
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Claber Malibu Tripod Shower

Our Price - £26.28

  • Claber Malibu Tripod Shower ............
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Claber Wippy Turbo Brush

Our Price - £42.08

  • The Claber Turbo Whippy Brush is ergonomic and functional in design. Cleaning has never been easier and requires very little effort to produce brilliant results. The Turbo Whippy brush features an internal rotating brush which creates a whirlpool effect. Ideal for washing cars and caravans ............
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