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Haxnicks Vegetable Sack

Our Price - £2.25

  • Haxnicks Vegetable Sack ............
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Haxnicks Composting Sacks

Our Price - £5.40

  • Haxnicks Composting Sacks ............
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Haxnicks Coir Compost Block

Our Price - £9.00

  • Haxnicks Coir Compost Block ............
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Haxnicks Rollmix Composter

Our Price - £15.30

  • Home composting has never been easier, quicker or more fun than with the RollMix Composter! A home composting bin with a difference. Diameter 54cm (22") Length 68cm (26"). ............
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Forest Garden Composter

Our Price - £42.90

  • This simple slot together composter is quick and easy to build and is manufactured from pressure treated timber. 400L capacity. ............
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Forest Garden Slot Down Compost Bin Extension Kit

Our Price - £73.04

  • For the serious gardener our slot down compost bin now comes with an extension kit for double or triple compost heaps. The kit consists of two posts, and three sides. ............
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Forest Garden Slot Down Compost Bin

Our Price - £104.99

  • Recycle your green waste in our large 650L capacity compost bin. The slotted posts are longer in length enabling you to fix them into the ground and secure into place. To access your mature compost, simply remove the individual side boards. ............
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Bio Green Compost Roller Duo 70

Our Price - £114.00

  • Dual Compartments for more efficient use of home and garden waste. Easy to assemble. Aeration system to speed up composting process. Heavy duty all-season construction for year-round composting. Mixing bars, which accelerate the decomposition process are included. 2 x 70 Litre. UV protected. ............
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Forest Garden Beehive Compost Bin

Our Price - £114.13

  • This beehive shaped compost bin is a more decorative option for home composting. The lid is held open with a handy prop and there is a bottom opening flat for easy compost retrieval. Manufactured from pressure treated softwood and supplied flat packed. 250L capacity. ............
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