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Pest Stop Scissor Mole Trap

Our Price - £1.92

  • A traditional alternative to chemical or toxic solutions. Highly effective, this Mole Trap benefits from features that make it superior to other similar-looking pincer-type devices. The trap is easy to set, with long handles that ensure a safe grip while the loose plate is positioned in ............
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Pest Stop Claw mole trap

Our Price - £2.25

  • Pest Stop Claw mole trap ............
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Pest Stop Tunnel type Mole Trap

Our Price - £3.01

  • A traditional solution to a common garden problem, this galvanised steel trap is the professionals choice. Now with an improved trigger pin placement and 30% stronger than our previous traps, this trap is quick, effective and humane.Ideal for use by professionals or amateur usersDeveloped and used ............
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Pest Stop Biofume Mole Smoke

Our Price - £4.37

  • The Biofume mole smoke contains food grade castor oil obtained from the castor plant. The smoke coats the soil inside the hole with a thin layer of castor oil, which acts as a barrier between the mole and its food ............
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Pest Stop Mink trap 30inx6inx5.5in

Our Price - £13.81

  • A traditional device for the humane trapping of rabbits or similar sized pests. The door is closed when the intruder takes the bait, safely trapping it inside. ............
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Solar-Powered Mole Repeller

Our Price - £15.25

  • This advanced product uses solar energy to power its sonic repeller. The sonic repeller drives moles and other burrowing animals away by emitting low frequency ground vibrations every 15 to 20 seconds, which the animals interpret as signs of an approaching predator. Coverage is up to ............
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Pest Stop Mole Repeller

Our Price - £16.73

  • The unit emits a low frequency vibration every 15-20 seconds, which is transmitted through the soil. Covers up to 9000 sq. Ft. (about 836 sq. metres). Battery operated (4 x D cell batteries). Safe and economical to run. Environmentally friendly - no chemicals or traps. The ............
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