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SlugClear Ultra Pellets

Our Price - £2.65

  • SlugClear Advanced Pellets contains 50% less chemicals than traditional slug pellets. Micro-milled formulation gives highly efficient pellets helping you to control slugs and snails. For use when warm damp conditions favour slug activity. Slug Clear Advanced Pellets treats up to 467m ............
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Rentokil Slug & Snail Trap

Our Price - £3.60

  • The Slug & Snail Traps are reusable plastic traps for the control of slugs and snails in gardens. They are easy to put together and eco friendly. ............
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Pest Stop Slug & Snail Trap

Our Price - £4.23

  • A sturdy, discreet and reliable solution to unwanted slugs and snails in the garden. Simply sits in the soil with your choice of bait (beer, cabbage or lettuce work well) and add salty or soapy water to eliminate the pests. Non toxic - no ............
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Haxnicks Slug Trap (2 Pack)

Our Price - £4.50

  • Safe, simple, non-toxic and reusable slug control made from UV stabilised polypropylene. All you have to do is make a slug-buster sized hole in the soil and sink the pot so that the rim is level with the ground. Then fill the trap with a slugs ............
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SlugClear Liquid Concentrate

Our Price - £4.60

  • SlugClear Liquid Concentrate soaks into the soil and kills slugs living below the surface. For use when warm damp conditions favour slug activity. Invisible to pets. Slug Clear treats up to 67m ............
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Slug X

Our Price - £4.98

  • The Slug X has already won a number of Best Buy commendations in press features on slug control and countless customers continue to write to us with glowing testimonials. The Slug X attracts slugs/snails using beer. A strong smell builds up inside the trap and the ............
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