Relax and TRULY enjoy your garden !

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Relax and TRULY enjoy your garden !

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 3 June 2013
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So, you have a beautiful garden that’s the pride and joy of your family. Friends and extended family are always complimenting you on it, and you often invite them over for a garden meal or just to relax and enjoy the scenery. But often you all have to dash in to avoid a summer rain or the hot blaze of the sun. All that effort and you can’t enjoy your garden after all! Don’t give up so fast. A summer house is the perfect answer to your dilemma.

All you need to do is go online and select the one that best fits your needs, and you’ll never have to miss a single day of the joys your garden brings to you. Whether it’s raining or sun shines. Or even in mild to chilly temperatures, you and your guests will be perfectly positioned to enjoy the day.

Built from top-quality wood, a summer house will offer you and your friends and family breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding terrain. And putting them up is no problem at all – they come in self-contained kits that can be quickly assembled. Then you can sit comfortably, relax, enjoy a drink, a snack or even a hot meal as you watch the blooms in the garden you worked so hard to create.

But these structures are not just for the summer. You can enjoy the comfort they provide throughout the year. Watch the autumn colours change, not from your upstairs bedroom window, but right out in your garden, where all the action is happening. And in the winter, if you have unexpected guests that need to room to overnight, then your summer house will be the perfect spot to host them!

So why wait until it’s too late. Give your garden the final touch it needs to make it the perfect getaway place. Order your summer house today, and it will be delivered in no time!

Make more room – for much less !

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 27 May 2013
Category :

Now that you’re family has grown, do you get the feeling that your home feels much smaller ? Do you need more room for the kids to play indoors ? What about your own hobby room or home office that you had to give away ? Well, logcabins are a great way to make more room on the cheap ! And with today’s advances in wood preparation and construction technologies, your cabin will be a truly amazing structure, durable and pleasing to look at.

Garden Office or Plaroom

Garden Office or Playroom

Home and property owners are taking advantage of the multitude of choices they now have available to erect cabins – from small garden shed-style constructions to large multi-room structures – on their properties.

Remember, your choice of which type of cabin to choose should be determined by the purpose for which you wish to use it for. Questions that you should consider are: Is this going to be a garden or tool shed? Do I want to build it as a kid’s playhouse? Can I use it as a home or garden office? Do I want it to serve as an extension for the main home, in case unexpected company decides to stay over?

Depending on the amount of space you have available, you can get structures that are anywhere from 2000mm to 6000mm in width and depth. You can also choose the thickness of your log – anywhere from 19mm to 68mm dimensions should be perfect, depending on the usage of the structure.  And if you have the budget, opting for some attractive shingles and great insulation for your logcabins are thing to consider as well. It’s cheaper than you think!

Garden shed or tool store

Garden shed or tool store

So go ahead and check out the amazing choices you have online for some great logcabins that meet your needs. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get your cabin fully installed and ready to use.  Ordering is simple and much easier than you think!

Preserve and protect your gardening tools !

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 24 May 2013
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Spring is in the air – at last! It’s time to do a bit of gardening. But wait, what’s this! The bags of soil, the barrels of fertilizer, and sacks of lawn seed you had left over from last year, are all musty and mouldy. The old tin garden shed you stored them in didn’t do much to protect your gardening supplies. It’s time for a change!

Protect your investment by investing in a shed that really does what it’s supposed to do. No more birds, animals or rodents getting into your supplies. Your tools will never again rust from exposure. Even the lawnmower will not need to be fixed because it got soaked in the rain. A shed that keeps the snow, rain and wind away from your precious supplies will pay you back in no time at all!

Today, you have a wide variety of options to choose your garden shed from online. Whether it is a metal, low-roof model with sliding double doors, a stand-alone or lean-to structure, a wooden or log structure, a workspace shed, or a carport with storage shed options. You can get them all online. No need for you to buy all the components separately and build one yourself.  Today’s made-to-order versions are built from high-quality materials, are fire-proof, rot-proof and rodent-proof.  Just order and assemble. It’s as simple as that!

Getting rid of that leaky old tin shack in your backyard will be the best decision you’ve made – guaranteed! Not only will you enjoy peace of mind that your gardening tools, equipment and supplies are protected all year long, but when you install a garden shed on your lawn or backyard, you are sure to have your property values increase.

So go ahead and check out the amazing choices you have online for some amazing options, and order yours today!

The ideal hideaway !

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 21 May 2013
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Log cabins have long been associated with the hills, mountains and deep forests. Well no more! Today’s outdoor structure and building technologies have taken cabin-building to a whole new level. In fact, you can put one up any place that you would any other outdoor construction, like a Gazebo, a garden shed or an outdoor swimming pool.

So if you have some land on your property that you feel is not being used to its full potential, then perhaps log cabins are something you should consider. The beauty of building a cabin in your garden is that they serve as the ideal hideaway – your home away from home – and can be used for multiple purposes. They could be your hobby room, your garden and tool shed, or even serve as overnight accommodations for the uninvited guest.

In the old days, you’d have to lay concrete flooring and do a lot of prep work before actually erecting the structure. Not anymore! Most of today’s structures come in convenient self contained kit form, complete with T&G (tongue and groove) floor boards and everything else you need to finish your installation. In fact, the entire structure comes ready to install – you’ll even receive all the screws, nuts, bolts and nails required!

A note of caution however. Like any external wooden structure, you will need to treat the external facing elements of these log cabins to protect and extend the life of your investment. In most cases, it is advisable to do the treatment once your cabin has been installed, but some folks prefer to treat them before starting the install.

Unlike log cabins of yore, you don’t need a crew of 6, nor bulldozers and cranes to install these beauties either! These structures are designed so just a couple of friends and you can get them setup in just a single weekend. So order yours today and enjoy your secret hideaway!

Cabining on the cheap made easy !

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 17 May 2013
Category :

Whoever said owning a cheap log cabin was just a pipe dream should think again! Cheap, durable and attractive log cabins are available online at any reputable supplier of outdoor structures. However, like you would with any other purchase, make sure your supplier has been in the business for a decade or more before ordering your cabin.

Ideally, you would get your cheap log cabin from a supplier that has a wide range of other products as well, including Gazebos, Greenhouses, Garden Sheds, Decking, Fences and more. Why? Well, because a supplier with a diverse product range of outdoor structures is more likely to be able to assist you with a whole range of supporting services too. They are the ones that will have all the processes and systems in place to better assist you during and after your purchase.

When selecting your cabin-on-a-budget today, you’ll be amazed at the range of options you have to choose from! You can get them with single or multiple doors, one or two windows, and with a wide selection of wood types and dimensions. You even have cheap log cabin models with extra extended canopies.

Your “cabin in a box” comes as a complete kit, with everything you need already inside. Ideal for playhouses, occasional guest sleep-in quarters or simply as a garden or tool shed, these structures can easily and quickly be installed by a couple of individuals over a single weekend. In most cases though, you may need to treat the external facing components in order to preserve the timber from insects and the elements of nature.

So, if you have a friend willing to lend you a hand at erecting your cabin over a weekend, then order your cheap log cabin today, and you and your family and friends can enjoying the great outdoor life shortly!

Adding character to your garden !

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 14 May 2013
Category :

Does your garden look “lonely” and sparse? Is the old tin shack that serves as your garden shed giving it a sore look? Well, majestic-looking log cabins for the garden can help alleviate that situation in short order! Even if you don’t have miles and miles of garden or lawn area, you can go online and find something that matches your available space perfectly.

Built from top quality timber, today’s log cabins for the garden are multi-purpose structures that you can use for all occasions. Select one that can replace that tired and rusty tin shack that you call your shed. No wonder your gardening supplies are destroyed by rodents and weather exposure by the time spring comes around! The new cabin will be secure, strong and pleasing to the eye too!

Adding character to your garden

Adding character to your garden

Or, if you are someone that likes the great outdoors even while you work, you can order one that can serve as your outdoor office. And if you often have guests over to spend a few days with you and your family, why not use up a spare corner in the garden to create a beautiful-looking  guest room?

Most models come with double glazed windows and double doors, allowing you to choose whether the doors and windows open to the left or the right! These structures also come with some attractive options too, including toughened glass, color options (grey, red, green) Bourne or Hexham felt shingles, or an optional veranda. And, the log cabins that you order for the garden will come as a complete kit for quick and easy installation.

Log cabins for the garden are a great way of protecting your gardening tools and supplies, while creating a structure of beauty that enhances your property value. So order one for your home or business today!

Arrange a home on your range !

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 11 May 2013
Category :

No, you don’t need tens of acres of free-range land to build a log cabin anymore! Today, thanks to unimaginable advances in wood processing and building technologies, an elegant-looking cabin can be built on lots as small as 4×3. And best of all, you don’t have to hire a crew of 10 to dig a foundation and pour concrete! You don’t even need heavy equipment like bulldozers and backhoes to crawl all over your property either. Gone are the days when building cabins meant weeks, if not months, of preparation, construction and post-construction settling period.

You’d be amazed at how far the log cabin industry has come in the last decade or so.  Now, all you need is a small space, and it could even be in your backyard or in a corner on your lawn or in the garden. You don’t need to call an architect or surveyor and pay them the big bucks to tell you how and where to build your cabin anymore. You can have a cabin of your dreams pretty much anywhere you want – subject to local and municipal by-laws of course. So that’s the first thing you should confirm.

Once you have all the permissions required from various city/municipal authorities, getting the log cabin onto your property is as simple as going online and selecting the one that meets your requirements. It’s really that simple!

There are literally dozens of models, layouts, colors and features to choose from. And you get them in easy to transport kit form. All of the components are precision built, and the package comes with easy installation instructions.

So, if you and a friend have a spare weekend on hand, order your log cabin today, and you too could be enjoying the cosy outdoor life in short order!

Treating Your Log Cabin

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 2 March 2011
Category :

Most log cabin kits are delivered in an untreated state. A reputable supplier will include pressure treated bearers on which your cabin sits, otherwise be prepared to treat at the very least all the external faces.

  • Should I treat all logs before construction starts ?
    • Up for debate this, but in our opinion, modern timber preservatives soak far enough into the grain to apply your timber treatment after construction is complete.
  • Exception to the Rule !
    • As always, an exception to the rule. There are certain components that once fitted, you will not have access to all areas, these are predominantly roof trims and fascia boards. Before installing these, it would be prudent to give them a good application.
  • Go ahead and build
    • OK, so all the necessary pre-treatment has been carried out. Now get on and build before the next heavy rain shower !
  • External Treatment
    • The build is complete, you pat yourself on the back, finish a cup of tea and get your paint brush out.
    • …….or do you ?……..
    • The answer to this question is “yes” if you enjoy sploshing liquid about. In that case get on your white overalls and start painting, however……….
    • Personally, I’m not that keen and like to expedite the job as best I can. Most applications will allow you to apply it using a coarse garden fence sprayer. This will save you hours, literally.
    • Once you have sprayed as much as possible there will be an element of “cutting in” with a paint brush. This is unavoidable unless you don’t mind tidying up overspray on doors and windows.
    • Be generous with the application, follow the manufacturers recomendations as far as number of coats, but it is likely two coats will be required.
  • What Treatment to Use
    • Just like the choice you had when choosing your cabin, there are a number of choices as far as the treatment goes.
    • At the top of the tree (as far as cost goes) are Companys such as Sikkens and Sadolin. Both been around a long time and produce excellent timber treatment products. Can be expensive.
    • My own preference is what I would describe as a “middle of the road” product, something akin to Cuprinol shed and fence preserver, ideally the oil based version. This comes in a number of usable shades, including clear. I feel the oil based option has  longevity over its H2O brother and although more of a faff to clean up the tools after, it is worth the extra hassle.
  • Internal Treatment
    • Shall I or shan’t I ?
    • It is a matter of opinion whether you should treat the inside walls of your log cabin. Some enthuse about a clear varnish, others decking oil. My own opinion, well, if I’m honest, my own cabins have been left untreated without any detrimental effect.

Whatever system or product you use to treat your cabin, make sure you give it the time and attention it deserves. A good job now will help ensure many years of enjoyment from your garden building.

For a full listing of all our log cabins for sale please click here

Timber Garage 6×6 Added to Product List

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 19 January 2011
Category :

A new addition to the timber garage range has been introduced today. The new building is a staggering 6mx6m with the following specification :

Timber Garage 6×6

Wall thickness 44 mm T&G


  • 6,00 x 6,00m
  • Height overall: 2,850m
  • Garage door: 2360×1950 m – NOT supplied
  • Wall Boards are flat faced
  • Double grooved interlock
  • x2 Double glazed window
  • Double glazed door
  • The doors and the windows can be positioned either left, or right-hand
Timber Garage

Timber Garage 6×6

Save 2.5% on Log Cabins

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 23 December 2010
Category :

Countdown to the VAT increase has started. You have just 8 days to secure your log cabin purchase at the current rate.

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