Swimming Pool Summer Recommissioning

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Swimming Pool Summer Recommissioning

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 31 March 2011

Spring has shown signs of arriving, a welcome change to the dull damp days of winter. With warmer days approaching thoughts of recommissioning your swimming pool are abound. Not got a wooden pool yet, then take a look at our great range of affordable above ground swimming pools.

So what are the key factors in preparing your pool for a summer full of fun ?

At the beginning of the next swimming season, remove the winter cover, check and re install all of the equipment in the reverse order to that in which you dismantled it. This will probably include :

  • Remove the winter debris cover
  • Replace the cleaned skimmer basket
  • Remove the temporary plug from the return inlet (lower) and replace the eyeball
  • Replace the return and inlet pipes onto the pump housing
  • If the steps have been removed, replace these
  • Top up the water level to the required depth
  • Test for chemical balance and adjust as necessary

Finally give all the electrical installation a visual inspection for any degradation of housing or armoured cabling.

Thinking of replacing your easy set or fast set pool with a new Above Ground Wooden Swimming Pool, then take alook at our extensive range of Plastica Premium pools – always available with savings on manufacturers RRP.

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground Swimming Pool

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