Planning Your Jungle Gym Climbing Frame

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Planning Your Jungle Gym Climbing Frame

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 10 March 2011
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Knowing what to purchase for your childs climbing frame can be a daunting prospect. These decisions are an important part in choosing your outdoor play equipment. A number of factors will have an over riding effect on the decision making :

  • Budget
  • Area available
  • Age of children
Jungle Gym Climbing Frames - How to Choose

Jungle Gym Climbing Frames – How to Choose

Once these elements have been decided, you are then in the best position to determine what works best for you.

  • How do you spend your budget ?
    Do you buy the biggest and most comprehensive tower that the budget allows, or do you go for a smaller tower but add modules such as the Climb Module to expand the playability ?
  •  Limited Area ?
    Some gardens will have a limited area given over to the climbing frame. In this instance it makes sense to keep the tower as the main element and not add any of the modules to encrouch on valuable real estate.
  • Ages and Ability of Users
    Two schools of thought ! 1. – Buy with current age and ability in mind knowing that at some point the child is likely to out grow the equipment or  2.- Go for a bigger, taller, more comprehensive installation that although maybe stretching current ability, you know it will last them until their mind out grows the play rather than their growing body !

There are a number of useful documents that can be downloaded to assist you in the decision process.

  1. A summary of all the Jungle Gym towers, giving dimensions and an overview of their components.
  2. Standard equipment list. This shows all the towers and the equipment that comes with each tower as standard.
  3. Playground planning PDF giving all the options for each tower and how it connects.

So, you have now decided what tower and accessories you need, now lets go buy it !

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