Arrange a home on your range !

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Arrange a home on your range !

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 11 May 2013
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No, you don’t need tens of acres of free-range land to build a log cabin anymore! Today, thanks to unimaginable advances in wood processing and building technologies, an elegant-looking cabin can be built on lots as small as 4×3. And best of all, you don’t have to hire a crew of 10 to dig a foundation and pour concrete! You don’t even need heavy equipment like bulldozers and backhoes to crawl all over your property either. Gone are the days when building cabins meant weeks, if not months, of preparation, construction and post-construction settling period.

You’d be amazed at how far the log cabin industry has come in the last decade or so.  Now, all you need is a small space, and it could even be in your backyard or in a corner on your lawn or in the garden. You don’t need to call an architect or surveyor and pay them the big bucks to tell you how and where to build your cabin anymore. You can have a cabin of your dreams pretty much anywhere you want – subject to local and municipal by-laws of course. So that’s the first thing you should confirm.

Once you have all the permissions required from various city/municipal authorities, getting the log cabin onto your property is as simple as going online and selecting the one that meets your requirements. It’s really that simple!

There are literally dozens of models, layouts, colors and features to choose from. And you get them in easy to transport kit form. All of the components are precision built, and the package comes with easy installation instructions.

So, if you and a friend have a spare weekend on hand, order your log cabin today, and you too could be enjoying the cosy outdoor life in short order!

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