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New Climbing Frame Models

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 13 October 2011
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Adventure 3 Climbing Frame

Adventure 3 Climbing Frame

Adventure 1 Climbing Frame

Adventure 1 Climbing Frame

Launched today, two new climbing frames ready for Christmas. Both these frames are great value with prices starting from just £239.00
We have the Adventure 1 and the Adventure 3 – both represent great value kits that will give years of useful service to your kids in the garden.

There is limited stock of these kits – don’t miss out, order today.

Usually delivery terms apply. £24.00 shipping charge, goods delivered within 10 working days.

Climbing Frames For Small Gardens

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 30 April 2011
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It is still possible to provide a safe, yet exciting playframe for children when the  available space is limited.

Consideration must be given to a safe zone around the play frame, including any additions such as a slide or swing.

Jungle Gym Club Climbing Frame

Jungle Gym Club Climbing Frame

It will probably be a good idea to mark out on the ground the area you want to dedicate to the play equipment (including safety zone) to better understand visually the constraints. In the ideal world, you would want to provision a very minimum of 1.0m as a safety zone, more is better.

A tower based climbing frame is great at providing entertainment yet not taking over the garden. If real estate is at a premium, then ditch the slide and swings and maybe add a climbing wall or bucket module to increase the playability yet maintain a small footprint.

Although all our Jungle Gym kit comes with a slide as standard, please call the office to further discuss your requirements. We will do our best to facilitate the playframe best suited to your needs.

Our most popular climbing frame with a platform height of 1.2m (4ft) is the Club Climbing Frame and with a platform height of 1.5m (5ft) is the Cubby Climbing Frame – both would suit a smaller garden with or without the slide attachment.

Cubby Climbing Frame

Cubby Climbing Frame

Take a look at our full range of wooden climbing frames

Swimming Pool Summer Recommissioning

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 31 March 2011

Spring has shown signs of arriving, a welcome change to the dull damp days of winter. With warmer days approaching thoughts of recommissioning your swimming pool are abound. Not got a wooden pool yet, then take a look at our great range of affordable above ground swimming pools.

So what are the key factors in preparing your pool for a summer full of fun ?

At the beginning of the next swimming season, remove the winter cover, check and re install all of the equipment in the reverse order to that in which you dismantled it. This will probably include :

  • Remove the winter debris cover
  • Replace the cleaned skimmer basket
  • Remove the temporary plug from the return inlet (lower) and replace the eyeball
  • Replace the return and inlet pipes onto the pump housing
  • If the steps have been removed, replace these
  • Top up the water level to the required depth
  • Test for chemical balance and adjust as necessary

Finally give all the electrical installation a visual inspection for any degradation of housing or armoured cabling.

Thinking of replacing your easy set or fast set pool with a new Above Ground Wooden Swimming Pool, then take alook at our extensive range of Plastica Premium pools – always available with savings on manufacturers RRP.

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Planning Your Jungle Gym Climbing Frame

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 10 March 2011
Category :

Knowing what to purchase for your childs climbing frame can be a daunting prospect. These decisions are an important part in choosing your outdoor play equipment. A number of factors will have an over riding effect on the decision making :

  • Budget
  • Area available
  • Age of children
Jungle Gym Climbing Frames - How to Choose

Jungle Gym Climbing Frames – How to Choose

Once these elements have been decided, you are then in the best position to determine what works best for you.

  • How do you spend your budget ?
    Do you buy the biggest and most comprehensive tower that the budget allows, or do you go for a smaller tower but add modules such as the Climb Module to expand the playability ?
  •  Limited Area ?
    Some gardens will have a limited area given over to the climbing frame. In this instance it makes sense to keep the tower as the main element and not add any of the modules to encrouch on valuable real estate.
  • Ages and Ability of Users
    Two schools of thought ! 1. – Buy with current age and ability in mind knowing that at some point the child is likely to out grow the equipment or  2.- Go for a bigger, taller, more comprehensive installation that although maybe stretching current ability, you know it will last them until their mind out grows the play rather than their growing body !

There are a number of useful documents that can be downloaded to assist you in the decision process.

  1. A summary of all the Jungle Gym towers, giving dimensions and an overview of their components.
  2. Standard equipment list. This shows all the towers and the equipment that comes with each tower as standard.
  3. Playground planning PDF giving all the options for each tower and how it connects.

So, you have now decided what tower and accessories you need, now lets go buy it !

Garden Adventure offer the full range of Jungle Gym play equipment, all cometitively priced. Check out our range of climbing frames here

Treating Your Log Cabin

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 2 March 2011
Category :

Most log cabin kits are delivered in an untreated state. A reputable supplier will include pressure treated bearers on which your cabin sits, otherwise be prepared to treat at the very least all the external faces.

  • Should I treat all logs before construction starts ?
    • Up for debate this, but in our opinion, modern timber preservatives soak far enough into the grain to apply your timber treatment after construction is complete.
  • Exception to the Rule !
    • As always, an exception to the rule. There are certain components that once fitted, you will not have access to all areas, these are predominantly roof trims and fascia boards. Before installing these, it would be prudent to give them a good application.
  • Go ahead and build
    • OK, so all the necessary pre-treatment has been carried out. Now get on and build before the next heavy rain shower !
  • External Treatment
    • The build is complete, you pat yourself on the back, finish a cup of tea and get your paint brush out.
    • …….or do you ?……..
    • The answer to this question is “yes” if you enjoy sploshing liquid about. In that case get on your white overalls and start painting, however……….
    • Personally, I’m not that keen and like to expedite the job as best I can. Most applications will allow you to apply it using a coarse garden fence sprayer. This will save you hours, literally.
    • Once you have sprayed as much as possible there will be an element of “cutting in” with a paint brush. This is unavoidable unless you don’t mind tidying up overspray on doors and windows.
    • Be generous with the application, follow the manufacturers recomendations as far as number of coats, but it is likely two coats will be required.
  • What Treatment to Use
    • Just like the choice you had when choosing your cabin, there are a number of choices as far as the treatment goes.
    • At the top of the tree (as far as cost goes) are Companys such as Sikkens and Sadolin. Both been around a long time and produce excellent timber treatment products. Can be expensive.
    • My own preference is what I would describe as a “middle of the road” product, something akin to Cuprinol shed and fence preserver, ideally the oil based version. This comes in a number of usable shades, including clear. I feel the oil based option has  longevity over its H2O brother and although more of a faff to clean up the tools after, it is worth the extra hassle.
  • Internal Treatment
    • Shall I or shan’t I ?
    • It is a matter of opinion whether you should treat the inside walls of your log cabin. Some enthuse about a clear varnish, others decking oil. My own opinion, well, if I’m honest, my own cabins have been left untreated without any detrimental effect.

Whatever system or product you use to treat your cabin, make sure you give it the time and attention it deserves. A good job now will help ensure many years of enjoyment from your garden building.

For a full listing of all our log cabins for sale please click here

Exclusive Toys New Pedal Car Range

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 28 February 2011
Category :

Our line up of pedal cars from Exclusive Toys is almost complete for the 2011 season. New models from BMW and Mini Cooper S are looking exceptional value and are already selling well.

New colour options are also available on the fabulous Audi R8 Spyder now in Silver and Black – awesome.

Audi R8 Spyder Pedal Car

Audi R8 Spyder Pedal Car

More details to follow on the rest of the new pedal cars – you won’t be disappointed !

Timber Garage 6×6 Added to Product List

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 19 January 2011
Category :

A new addition to the timber garage range has been introduced today. The new building is a staggering 6mx6m with the following specification :

Timber Garage 6×6

Wall thickness 44 mm T&G


  • 6,00 x 6,00m
  • Height overall: 2,850m
  • Garage door: 2360×1950 m – NOT supplied
  • Wall Boards are flat faced
  • Double grooved interlock
  • x2 Double glazed window
  • Double glazed door
  • The doors and the windows can be positioned either left, or right-hand
Timber Garage

Timber Garage 6×6

Wooden Greenhouses Now Available

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 5 January 2011
Category :

Garden Adventure are pleased to announce the introduction of Swallow GB quality traditional wooden greenhouses to their portfolio of outdoor garden buildings.Wooden Greenhouses

Each greenhouse is offered for sale including professional installation. That combined with the great specification, our customers cannot go wrong. These really are quality built units and ones that will look good in the garden for a great number of years.

The following is included in all kits :

  • Installation onto a prepared base
  • All the timber is green tinted tanalised treated wood
  • Glazing is toughened safety glass
  • All the glazing is slid into a groove and sealed with quality silicone
  • All the cut glass shapes are jointed with a clear plastic H section
  • The inward opening door has a mortise lock and aluminium handles
  • Staging to one side
  • Each vent has an Automatic opener
  • Full length staging down one side with centre support
  • There is a specially turned apex finial for that classic look
  • The ridge and top vents are sealed with a specially machined timber capping
  • A 20mm black PVC section is screwed to the bottom, called the damp barrier
  • All the tongued and grooved boards are fixed with stainless steel nails
  • The bottom 12mm tongued and grooved boards are 390mm long
  • The redwood pine glazing bars are 58mm x 34mm finished size

Kids Electric Cars Sale

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 5 January 2011

We are selling the following models at greatly reduced prices – first come first served . Don’t miss out on a bargain !

Pedal Car Price Crash

Author : Martin Corby
Date Issued : 5 January 2011
Category :

Yes, its that time of year !

We have slashed prices on some of the more popular makes of pedal car including the fabulous Mini Cooper Pedal Car SaleS and Ferrari 458.

Pedal car sale now on.

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